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We are a DDA COMMUNITY SERVICE provider. We provide Community Services (formerly known as Resource Coordination Services) to people with DD/IDD in Maryland. *** If you or a loved one has a development disability and receive Resource Coordination Services through the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA),  let Optimal Health Care be your resource coordination provider of choice. *** If you or a love one is in need of Home Health Care services, let Optimal Health Care be your provider of choice. *** Optimal Health Care Inc is licensed by Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) to capture and submit fingerprints for Federal and State background checks. We provide LiveScan electronic fingerprinting services to the public.

Tel: (301) 790 4962

"Service with Compassion"

Are you a MED Tech or aspiring to be one?

Medication Technician Training Program (MTTP)

Course Description

The MTTP training course is a requirement for unlicensed staff to administer medications in a community based environment for all agencies. This course encompasses the entire curriculum developed by the board of nursing which utilizes, lectures, hands on, case studies and practical applications to teach this course. Upon successful completion of the course students will be Certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing as Medication Technicians (CMT). 

Two Year Clinical Update (Medication Class; MTTP) Course Description: The MTTP Two Year Clinical Update course is for those people who have successfully completed the initial MTTP Course, and are listed on the Maryland Board of Nursing Web site as “Certified Medication Technician”. This course provides a comprehensive review of the MTTP, provides didactic hands on review and incorporates updates of changes in the MTTP. For more information, Contact Us or call us at (301) 790-4962/Toll Free 1 (855) 798-1898